Welcome to RoH Attorneys at Law

To our Clients, Partners, Staff and Stakeholders

The developing Corona-crisis has an impact on the economy, politics and cultural and social matters. We are, at RoH Attorneys fully aware of the new challenges. Our international offices report about local and international developments and we take all precautions to protect the interests of our clients, partners, staff and stakeholders etc.

While Courts reduce their activities, suspend their operations, we are focusing on the protection and enforcement of the rights and interests of our clients, worldwide. We work hard to protect our clients from risks resulting from these exceptional circumstances.

Our offices give great effort to remain operational while in some countries physical presence may be prohibited or not possible following governmental curfew or for reasons of protection of our staff. Modern communication technology allows our professionals to be connected, wherever they stay. Our aim is to continue to keep immediate response.

RoH Attorneys at Law is an international law firm serving clients with regards to all major aspects of Swiss, German and International Law.

Through our offices in Zurich, Zug, Berlin, London and Hong Kong as well as many affiliated partner firms worldwide we provide our clients with international legal, corporate, fiduciary and finance services of the highest quality and professionalism.

The aim of RoH Attorneys at Law is to provide our clients with optimal solutions that fully suit their demands.


Practice areas


Civil and Corporate Law
Contracts, Negotiations, Transactions
M&A Support, Financing
International Corporate Set-up

Banking and Finance Law
Collective Investment Schemes
Bank Contracts
Investment Structures, Placement Support


International and Swiss tax planning
Tax optimization, litigation, tax rulings
Corporate and Individual Clients


Administrative Law
Residence and work permit regulations
Real estate in Switzerland

Specific Aspects of Criminal Law
Asset Tracing and Detection
International Judical Assistance

Wills and Estates
Inheritance Procedure – national, international
Wills and Estates, Legal and Tax Optimization
Family Law, Property Law, Family Office

Fiduciary Service
Banking and Fiduciary Relationship
Company Management
Corporate Governance
Trusts, Foundations
Escrow Services